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4935 Tile Nipper for Hard Ceramics by Silver

4935 Tile Nipper for Hard Ceramics
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Tile Nipper for Hard Ceramics

  • Made in Japan from drop forged steel, carbide tips for long life.
  • Super tough carbide cutting edges for precision work and long life
  • Shapes and contours tiles
  • Drop forged steel construction
  • 5/8″ jaws opening
  • Return spring for opening and closing of jaws
  • Quantity discount, buy 3 Pcs pay only $10.99
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4938 CRESCENT-DIAMOND Tile Nippers by Silver

4938 CRESCENT-DIAMOND Tile Nippers
Check Price for 4938 CRESCENT-DIAMOND Tile Nippers


  • 5/8″ jaws with carbide tips.
  • Professional nippers
  • Long lasting carbide cutting edges
  • Handle spring to reduce fatigue and permit fast, repetitive cutting
  • Dark red plastic handle grips
  • Maximum thickness 29/64 in. / 11 mm.
  • Cutting edge length 13/16 in. / 30 mm.
  • Forged high grade steel, made in the USA.
  • Tile nippers are used to make circular cuts in ceramic tile.
  • Can be used to make straight or angled cuts although you will find it much easier to use a tile cutter or wet saw to make these types of cuts.
  • Take small “nips” or “bites” out of it using the tile nippers. Take your time and keep the “bites” small, otherwise you risk breaking the tile and having to start all over again.
  • Once the tile is completely cut use a piece of 60 grit sandpaper or a special rubbing stone used by ceramic tile contractors to smooth the finished edge.
  • Especially when the cut will be exposed (e.g. around shower drains) as the edge of the cut tile will be very sharp.