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9184 RotoZip RZ20-4200 Spiral Saw Kit with Jig Saw Handle by BOSCH

9184 RotoZip RZ20-4200 Spiral Saw Kit with Jig Saw Handle
Check Price for 9184 RotoZip RZ20-4200 Spiral Saw Kit with Jig Saw Handle

RotoZip RZ20-4200 Spiral Saw Kit with Jig Saw Handle

  • The Ultimate Professional Spiral Saw
  • Includes Jigsaw Handle Attachment a $30 Value!
  • RotoZip is another Great Brand in the Bosch Family!
  • The RotoZip RZ20-4200 Spiral Saw Kit Features:

    • Amps: 5.5
    • No Load RPM: 15,000-30,000
    • Weight: 3.4 lbs
    • 3 JAW CHUCK Industry 1st
    • Quick, Easy and Wrench less Bit Changes!

    New Designed Body

    • Redesigned tool body has internal ribbed supports to provide added structural integrity to prevent issues of fan slippage and spindle lock failures.

    Jigsaw Handle Attachment

    • Comfortable to use
    • Easy to attach
    • The handle that goes with everything
    • Makes counter top cut-outs easy
    • Cut vents and floor openings in one motion
    • Make smooth cuts in laminate flooring
    • Works with straight edge guide for straight cuts

    Dust Sealed Switch

    • Prevents switch failure from dust contamination and excess buildup.

    Plastic Adjustable Foot

    • Made of high strength plastic, adjust ability allows for a depth of cut up to 1″, quick release latch provides for easy positioning and removal.

    Quick Release Detachable Handle

    • Strong and robust handle that is easy to remove and replace depending on the user’s preference.

    Soft Grip Body

    • Enhances the feel of the tool’s body and provides hand comfort when using the tool for long periods of time.

    Variable Speed Control

    • Provides precise control of cutting speed (from 15,000 – 30,000 rpm) when cutting a variety of materials.

    Metal bezel

    • Provides added structural support for the spindle lock button.
    • Aligns with image of tough, durable and professional grade tool.

    Integrated LED Work Light

    • Illuminates the rotating bit, provides improved sight of the cutting area.

    RotoZip RZ20-4200 Kit Includes:

    • RZ20 Spiral Saw Tool
    • Sabrecutâ„¢ bit (1)
    • Guidepoint bit (1)
    • Tile Cut bit (1)
    • Grout Removal bit (1)
    • Bit Case
    • ZipMate attachment
    • Jigsaw Handle attachment
    • Grout Removal attachment
    • Masonry Cut-off Wheel
    • Metal Cut-off Wheel
    • Wrench
    • Soft Tool Bag

    RZ20 handle configuration, XShield attachment optional.


    9183 Roto Zip X-Shield Attachment by

    9183 Roto Zip X-Shield Attachment
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    Roto Zip X-Shield Attachment

    • For cutting an even wider variety of materials.
    • Brazed dry diamond Wheel will cut through materials as hard as porcelain, ceramic floor tile, granite, or slate.
    • The wood wheel cut-off wheel will go through, door jambs with ease.
    • X-Shield cover includes wood wheel
    • This useful attachment allows you to make intricate cuts in very hard materials without the hassle of a wet-saw.
    • ZM3 attachment included with RZ20-4200 Kit.

    Features include

    • Robust plastic adjustable guard which deflects sparks and fragments.
    • Quick release body latch that allows you to reposition your guard without using other tools.
    • Cut up to 9/16″ depth with ease!
    • ZM3 ZipMate attachment included with RZ20-4200 Kit


    9158 Innovis Recess-It by

    9158 Innovis Recess-It
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    Recess-It Features

    • Easy to install
    • Produced of corrosion resistant alloyed aluminum
    • Has an elastometric-waterproofing and anti-fracture
      coating combined with an aggregate bonding base
    • Features rolled flange for any style trim use
    • Standard depth all models 3-7/8″
    • Finished materials, ceramic tile, marble, granite, etc… can be applied immediately after product installation utilizing standard mastic or thin-set.

    • Supplied with wall fasteners which may be used with/without pre-installed wood blocking.


    • Rec 1414: Opening 13-1/4″x13-1/4″
      Back 12-3/4″x12-3/4″
    • Rec 614: Opening 6-1/4″x13-1/4″
      Back 5-3/4″x12-3/4″
    • Rec 1418: Opening 13-1/4″x17-1/4″
      Back 12-3/4″x16-3/4″
    • Rec 46: Opening 6-1/4″x4-3/4″
      Back 5-3/4″x4″
    • Floating Shelf: Usable With Rec 1414 & Rec 1418


    7847 Innovis Better-Bench by

    7847 Innovis Better-Bench
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    Better-Bench Features

    • Engineered 400 lbs load capacity.
    • Can be mounted to most vertical surfaces quickly and efficiently, saving the installer valuable time.
    • Self-supporting, one piece frame is easy to install with supplied fasteners requiring no additional waterproofing or structural reinforcement.
    • Takes only minutes to mount, place mortar mix (sand and cement), and tile as desired.
    • Use in wet or dry locations; mount over any U.B.C. approved substrate material.
    • BB-30; 3″ x 21.5″ x 21.5″ x 30″ triangular bench.
    • BB-24; 3″ x 17″ x 17″ x 24″ triangular bench.
    • BT-17; 2″ x 12″ x 12″ x 17″ triangular shelf.
    • BB-ADJR; 3″ x 14″ x 33.5″ to 62″ adjustable rectangular bench.
    • BT-17S; Mid point corbel support for BB-ADJR.
    • (BT-17S support required if spread exceeds 36″)


    6405 Grout Bags by

    6405 Grout Bags
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    Grout Bags

    Blu-Tip Grout Bag

    • This bag is constructed of white plastic and has an ideal, easy-to-cut, soft plastic tip which allows controlled flow without clogs.
    • The seams are fused together to create a strong, water tight seal.
    • No protruding stitched seams which can get caught in the joints when grouting.
    • No moisture leakage, no blowouts!
    • A smooth inner lining aids in grout flow and washout
    • Premium grout bag, 12″ x 24″ for greater grout capacity.

    Black Seamless Grout Bag

    • Black Seamless Grout Bag is made of soft, smooth, black vinyl and has the ideal texture and strength for the job.
    • These bags feature greater grout capacity and come with optional metal tips.
    • Fused seams means no protruding stitched seams to get caught in the joints when grouting.
    • No moisture leakage, no blowouts! That’s quality!
    • Don’t forget to get the Optional metal tip for these grout bags.