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8061 Rubi All Angle Guide by RUBI

8061 Rubi All Angle Guide
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Rubi All Angle Guide

  • High resistant aluminum structure
  • Incorporating a bubble level and 360 degree goniometer with stable position every 15 degrees increments.
  • Unique design allows level to be folded in half for easy storage
  • 45° position for laying out diagonal floors
  • 90° position for setting square on floors or to check the plumb
  • 180° position to check the level and to take measurements


6325 TileRight MeasureRIGHT Pro by

6325 TileRight MeasureRIGHT Pro
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TileRight MeasureRIGHT Pro

  • Standard Model Measures Tile from 10″ to 17″
  • Pro Model Measures Tile from 17″ to 30″
  • Made especially for commercial & other large-scale jobs, & large do-it-yourself jobs.

If you have ever installed tile before, you know that the hardest & most time consuming task is measuring & marking cuts.

In fact, it is so critical to get it right to ensure a clean, professional installation, that contractors typically use their most experienced tile setter to measure & mark these cuts… but now there’s the MeasureRIGHT Pro!

SET IT! First, set the MeasureRIGHT Pro by adjusting the tool to the width of the tile end to end, then add the width of the wall joint & the grout joint. MARK IT! Next, position the MeasureRIGHT Pro up against the wall & draw a line along the opposite edge of your tool.

Once your first tile is marked complete Step 2 by sliding your MeasureRIGHT Pro along the wall marking your cuts, one by one, down the entire row of tiles until all are marked. INSTALL IT! Once your tiles are cut using the marks you previously made you’re ready to place your cut tiles in the appropriate place & complete your installation.