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6370 Superior Tile Nippers by Kraft Tool

6370 Superior Tile Nippers
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Superior Tile Nippers

  • Feature sharp carbide tipped cutting edges
  • Handle stops with coil spring re-opening action.
  • Made for lasting durability, they are the finest quality obtainable, plastic grips are included.
  • Buy three or more and save!
  • Tile nippers are used to make circular cuts in ceramic tile.
  • They can also be used to make straight or angled cuts although you will find it much easier to use a tile cutter or wet saw to make these types of cuts.
  • Take small “nips” or “bites” out of it using the tile nippers. Take your time and keep the “bites” small, otherwise you risk breaking the tile and having to start all over again.
  • Once the tile is completely cut use a piece of 60 grit sandpaper or a special rubbing stone used by ceramic tile contractors to smooth the finished edge. Especially when the cut will be exposed (e.g. around shower drains) as the edge of the cut tile will be very sharp


6180 #4 24in Superior Tile Cutter by Kraft Tool

6180 #4 24in Superior Tile Cutter
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Superior #4 cuts 24″ tile.

  • Made of cast aluminum in the United States.
  • Superior Tile Cutter® has an 75 year history in manufacturing cutters, nippers, wheels, chisels.
  • Nothing has changed in that time. Our product provides the same quality, durability, and longevity at an affordable price with the end user in mind.
  • “They don’t make them like they use to”, as my grandfather and father use to say.


6179 Tile Bridge By Superior Tile Cutters by Kraft Tool

6179 Tile Bridge By Superior Tile Cutters
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Tile Bridge by Superior Tile Cutters

  • Fastest way to install tile to A fireplace, saves you time & money.
  • Works on masonry & metal fireplace.
  • No tile movement during installation.
  • Second process only requires grouting.
  • One Step Process For Installation Of Tile & Marble.
  • Spans 48” To Cover The Length Of The Fireplace
  • Double Sided hook and loop Strap For Securing To Fireplace.
  • Telescoping Legs Adjust Height Of Bridge To Fit Fireplace.
  • Vinyl End Caps To Prevent Marring Of The Tile.
  • Lightweight & Compact For Easy Storage.