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9405 Flex BD 05 Flex Slimline Drill Stand by Flex NA

9405 Flex BD 05 Flex Slimline Drill Stand
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BD 05 Flex Slimline Drill Stand With Triple Lateral Support

  • Buy BD 05 Flex Slimline Drill Stand With Triple Lateral Support and Save
  • The long-footed base plate allows it to be used even in the most narrow environments.
  • By rotating the feed column it is also possible to drill in corners and recesses, for example, the steps of stairways, kitchen countertop slabs, parapets, and gravestones.
  • Drill stroke up to 12”
  • Water collector, Three vacuum suction cups & side support included.
  • Suitable for all drilling applications into natural stone.
  • Examples include drilling wall anchor holes in natural stone tiles (to hang light fixtures, bathroom accessories, mirrors or pictures), mounting name plates on natural stone, and drilling small conduits through natural stone for electrical cables.
  • Drill Stand is stable, even for horizontal drilling on all smooth and polished surfaces.

Pick up water even on stairs

  • Fasten the water collector with suction cup up to approx. 2” in drilling position, position feed column with drill bit over the water collector, extract water.


9407 Flex PLW 903 ST Air Wet Polisher by Flex NA

9407 Flex PLW 903 ST Air Wet Polisher
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Flex PLW 903 ST High-performance Pneumatic Wet Stone Grinder

  • Rugged and durable 4-1/2” Pneumatic WET Stone Polisher used primarily for polishing of stone surfaces and edges.
  • Lightweight, powerful, and reliable ideally suited for continuous operation.
  • Air supply and exhaust are combined in one slender wrap hose.
  • The exhaust is blown out to the back, away from the user and the workpiece.
  • Specially designed for stationary polishing environments.
  • It has a centrally fed water distribution system that provides the best finishes possible.
  • Spindle 5/8” – 11
  • Air Inlet 1/4” Npt
  • Stable handle with insulating powder coating
  • Hose adapter with Water valve with hose Wrenches

Specifications PLW 903 ST

  • Requirements for this tool are a cast iron 2 stage compressor, a large reservoir, 10 hp for each tool.
  • Air consumption is 30 CFM and required air pressure is 85-90 PSI.
  • Max. disc diameter 4-1/2”
  • Speed, without load 3,200 RPM
  • Air-pressure hose with quick-action coupling 10 mm
  • Weight 4.5 lbs

Advantages At A Glance

  • Central water supply: for wet grinding of granite and marble
  • Quick-action, brass coupling: for 1/2” connector for water hoses
  • Tool fixture: 5/8-11 UNC spindle thread
  • Diecast gear head is high-quality and robust, designed especially for wet stone work
  • Very sleek and versatile plastic housing that insulates against the cold
  • Absolute safety without electrical components
  • Most sparing air pressure consumption


9408 Flex LWW1506VR Profile/Edge Miller by Flex NA

9408 Flex LWW1506VR Profile/Edge Miller
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Flex LWW 1506VR Profile/Edge Miller Buy a Flex LWW1506VR Profile/Edge Miller and save

  • Flex LWW1506VR Profile/Edge Miller was $699.99 now only $649.99
  • LWW 1506 VR is the “smaller sibling” of the LWW 2106. The LWW 1506 VR is designed to handle up to 1-1/4” thick slabs for milling and grinding sinks, kitchen tops, counters, and tables.

    Flex LWW 1506 Features:

    • For use on both straight and curved edges
    • Powerful universal variable speed motor
    • Quick release brass water-feed coupling
    • Die-cast aluminum guide carriage with composite roller assembly
    • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter included
    • Ergonomically designed for user comfort
    • 1/2″ Gas spindle thread

    Technical Information

    • Motor: 120V 50/60 Hz
    • Watts: 1,200
    • Amps: 11.0
    • Variable 2,200 – 6,500 Rpm
    • For Slab Thickness: 3/4″ – 1-1/4″ (20 – 40mm)
    • Weight: 17.9 lbs. (8.1kg)

    Leading Edge Technology

      FLEX offers two powerful and cost-effective edge milling machines. Combined with Wet grinding/ milling bits for granite and marble, these tools enable professionals to create most any desired edge shape.

      The best way to imagine what an edge milling machine does, is to think of it as a “router for natural stones”. The main difference lies in the composite of the bits. In order to work on stone you need diamond bits.


    9409 Flex LST1503VR Bushhammer for Stairs by Flex NA

    9409 Flex LST1503VR Bushhammer for Stairs
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    Flex LST1503VR Stone Bush Hammer
    Smooth natural stone floors, can turn into slippery danger zone.
    Roughening helps alleviate this problem and ensures better traction.
    In the past this was difficult once the natural stone slabs had been set.
    The Flex Bushhammer takes care of this job in just a few minutes even on the hardest granite surfaces.

    Compact and easy to control. The grip cover lies directly over the hammering end of the tool. Sixty aggressive hard-metal tips, mounted in rubber dampers, accomplish roughening work in a short time. This reduces vibration and protects both the operator and the tool. The amount of roughening can be controlled through the variable speed feature. Efficient vacuum dust collection allows use of the tool even in occupied buildings.

    Flex LST1503VR Features:

    • 60 aggressive hard-metal tips to take care of the job quickly and with precision.
    • The rotating bush hammer with hard-metal wheels is born by rubber shock absorbers which reduces vibration and is easy on the joints.
    • The machine can be expertly guided by the grip hood.
    • It is excellent for removing material and texturing in softer stone.
    • The hammer is used when creating texture quickly in stone steps, veneer or for other purposes.

    Technical Information

    • Motor: 120V 50/60 Hz
    • Watts: 1,200
    • Variable 1000 – 3000 Rpm
    • Working width 1-3/4″ to 4″.
    • Weight 13 lbs.

    Advantages At A Glance

    • 60 hard-metal tips
    • Working width adjustable in three stages from 1-3/4″ to approximately 4″
    • Adjustable stop
    • Antivibration rubber mounting block
    • Variable speed
    • VR full-wave electronic control
    • Soft-start
    • Overload protection
    • Vaccuum dust collection
    • Quality shut-off carbon brushes: if the carbon brushes wear down, the motor will be automatically switched off and thus protected from damage


    7281 Flex L3410VR 5in Variable Speed Grinder by Flex NA

    7281 Flex L3410VR 5in Variable Speed Grinder
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    Flex L3410VR 5″ Variable Speed Grinder.

    • 11 Amp, Motor, 3,000 to 11,000 Rpm.
    • Soft-vibe handle for reduced vibration.
    • 4.1 lbs. 5/8″-11 Spindle thread,
    • Soft start, Rpm pre-set dial.
    • FLEX Six-fold microprocessor electronics: Speed selection, consistent speed control by tachometer generator, soft start, restart protection after power interruption, overload protection, and temperature monitoring.