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3041 Raimondi Berta Advanced Grout Cleaning Machine by Raimondi

3041 Raimondi Berta Advanced Grout Cleaning Machine
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Grout Cleaning Sponge Machine.

  • 20% lighter than original Berta
  • Constructed of die-cast aluminum body
  • Slimmer design to get in tighter spaces
  • Longer more ergonomic adjustable handle
  • Electric grout cleaning machine designed to clean large grouted areas quickly and easily.
  • one man can clean 800-1,500 sq.ft. per hour, standing up!
  • Part of the 3-Step Solution To Grouting & Cleaning Large Areas from Raimondi.
  • Powered by an 110V motor through a speed reduction system
  • The sponge rotates slowly as the machine is pulled backwards at 45 degrees to the the grout joint.
  • The sponge rotates through a water sump and is cleaned before contacting the floor again.
  • The dampness of the sponge is controlled by a lever.
  • Sponge for sanded grout and ground fault interrupter included.

  • The Berta leaves grout joints evenly full and cleans the surface with one pass.
  • Weighing only 84 lbs, this machine is portable enough for one man to carry.
  • Sponges are easily changed an are available for epoxy grout and sanded grout.
  • Sponge life is approximately 5,000 sq.ft.


  • Easy to remove water tank, 4 gal. capacity.
  • Convenient pressure adjustment.
  • Magnetic “quick clutch” system for fast sponge replacement.


1019K Raimondi Maxititina Floor Grouting Machine by

1019K Raimondi Maxititina Floor Grouting Machine
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Grout, clean or grind floors

  • Dual speed 55 and 110 rpm
  • The Raimondi Maxititina allows the you to completely grout a floor without ever having to be on your knees.
  • The Maxititina works on sanded, un-sanded, and most epoxy grouts.
  • Power grouting is quick and easy.
  • The grout is dumped across the tiled area in uniform, manageable amounts.
  • Then the Maxititina is used to spread the grout and pack the joint full. The material is moved in a backward direction.
  • Grouting speed is 55 rpm, all other application use 110 rpm.
  • 19″ grouting paddle included.
  • Multi function machine, clean and grind floors, Optional water tank and twist lock attachments.
  • 17″ felt disc holder, sand paper or metal carbide grinding plate, white nylon brush
  • Weight 57 lbs, (26 kg)