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9632 Imer Ezee Clean Concrete Dissolver by

9632 Imer Ezee Clean Concrete Dissolver
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Imer Ezee Clean Concrete Dissolver

  • This new bio-degradable chemical will eat through concrete, mortar, stucco or anything that contains cement.
  • It will not harm paint, metals or plastic.
  • Use it on equipment, tools, windows and frames, tiles, floors and anywhere that you need to remove cement buildup or over splash.
  • Make your equipment look brand new again!
  • Easily applied and EZEE to clean.
  • Spray it on; wait 20 minutes; wash it off with a hose or pressure washer.
  • When cleaning equipment that is sitting on a concrete floor, wet the floor with water first to neutralize any drips or over-spray of EZEE Clean. Otherwise EZEE Clean will eat away at the concrete floor.
  • EZEE Clean comes in spray bottles, 5 gallon pails and in 55 gallon drums. If you are a concrete producer, you need EZEE Clean, If you are a mason you need EZEE Clean. If you are a rental company, use it to remove cement from your lifts, mixers, saws and pumps. Get more dollars when you sell your rental equipment off. Use around the shop, at work and at home even.
  • Remember it is bio degradable and not harmful to plants or surrounding eco systems.