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9502 Plasplugs Master Tiler DWW150 6in Tile Saw by Plasplugs

9502 Plasplugs Master Tiler DWW150 6in Tile Saw
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Plasplugs Contractors Plus DWW150 6″ Tile Saw

Unique 3/4 HP Hi-Torque geared motor

General Information

The DWW150 saw will help you cut your way to a new bathroom or kitchen

  • Aluminum Die-Cast cutting table with water recovery system.
  • Cut’s tile up to 1″ thick.
  • Only weighs 19 lbs.
  • Thermal overload switch
  • Cuts Porcelain, ceramic, glass, tiles, marble, and other materials
  • Flip-up guide plate for 22.5º & 45º miters
  • Carry handle
  • Tile Saw features a flat, open-table design as well as a large work surface for high visibility.
  • Quick release click-grip caliper locks
  • Cutting guide can be use on left or right side of blade.
  • Powerful fan motor prevents overheating.
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 18.2 x 7 inches.
  • 6″ diamond blade, 7/8″ arbor.


5833K Felker TM-75 Wet Tile Saw Kit by

5833K Felker TM-75 Wet Tile Saw Kit
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Felker TM-75 Features

  • Not Available until April
  • Quiet 3/4 hp sealed induction motor is 75% quieter than saws with grinder motors
  • Direct drive motor is more durable than grinder motor with plastic gears.
  • Free Stand, 8″ diamond blade, & cutting package
  • Rip cut 14″ tile, diagonally cuts 10″ x 10″ tile
  • 8″ blade capacity, 5/8″ arbor
  • Depth of cut: 1-5/8″
  • Saw dimensions: 26″L x 17″W x 14″H
  • Weighs only 37 lbs
  • One year warranty


185210 Felker FTS-150 Wet Saw by Husqvarna

185210 Felker FTS-150 Wet Saw
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FTS-150 Wet Saw Features

  • Free shipping from the Felker factory warehouse to a commercial address in the lower 48 states
  • Free Folding stand with wheels, 4 pcs cutting kit, 10″ diamond blade, and conveyor cart extension
  • General Features

    The FTS-150 meets the professional contractor’s needs. It makes rip cuts up to 19″ and can diagonally cut 13″ tiles. Blade capacity is from 6″ to 10″, including 6″ profile wheels.

    Heavy-Duty Water Pump

    The premium grade, high output water pump provides maximum protection for diamond blades.

    Bladeshaft Lock

    The bladeshaft lock makes changing blades easy.

    Tilt-up Blade Guard

    The sturdy, cast aluminum blade guard pivots 90° for quick and easy blade changes. Designed to direct the flow of water to both sides of the blade, dual water tubes provide optimal cooling and extended blade life.

    Cutting Accessories

    Tile cutting accessories packaged with the saw include a rip guide, 90° protractor, dual 45° angle guide and a 45° bullnose miter guide. All have an innovative thumb-lock design which slides on and locks securely into place.

    Conveyor Cart and Extension

    Smooth roller design ensures accurate cuts. The injection-molded conveyor cart features a large surface area with grooves to drain water and debris away from the cut. It makes angled cuts faster and easier. The surface is textured, but not raised, preventing material from sliding. Inch and metric marks on the highly visible ruler aid in cutting tile to scale. The 5-1/2″ x 16″ extension is designed to attach on the side or front of the conveyor cart.

    Heavy-Duty Water Pan and Frame

    The heavy-duty water pan is injection molded and designed for easy removal. The welded steel frame has convenient handles on the front and back.

    Folding Steel Stand with Wheels

    Packaged with the saw, the steel stand features wheels with a one-touch brake set or release allowing for easy maneuverability.

    Conveyor cart and 4pcs cutting package are plastic


    6400 STOW TS-7 Portable Wet Tile Saw by Multiquip

    6400 STOW TS-7 Portable Wet Tile Saw
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    STOW TS-7 Wet Tile Saw

  • Best built, compact, light weight, wet tile saw. Meant for everyday use unlike grinder motor wet tile saws
  • Free combination 45/90° rip guide, 7″ Premium tile blade, and 45° miter guide
    • Compact, rugged frame assembly – sturdy steel frame design yet portable and easy to transport (43 lbs.) and store
    • Motor – UL/CSA approved 115V, 3/4 HP belt driven electric motor with thermal overload protection
    • Water pan – high impact thermal plastic tray that will not rust nor bend out of shape
    • Conveyor cart – rugged cast aluminum table with heavy duty injected molded rubber padding. Industrial ball bearing rollers ensure smooth, precise cart movement
    • Water Pump – powerful, maintenance free submersible Beckett pump provides high volume water flow. Same pump that is used on Target Tilematic G2
    • Water Cooled Blade Shaft Bearing Assembly – high flow water recirculating system designed to keep crucial bearing components running cooler
    • Aluminum Blade Guard – hardy cast guard designed to evenly distribute water to the blade, and to easily position for blade changes
    • Support Jigs – combination 45/90° rip guide and 45° miter block included
    • Dimensions LxWxH 30″x19″x18″


      Lightweight, compact tile saw that provides power plus portability. The sturdy steel precision frame is matched with a cast aluminum oversized conveyor car t and rotating blade guard to order both long lasting support and lightweight convenience. A powerful ½ HP* electric motor connects to standard 115V outlets and provides thermal overload protection. An innovative water-cooled bearing assembly works in conjunction with the water pump to keep key bearing components running cooler. The thermal plastic water tray reservoir will not rust nor bend out of shape. The saw comes complete with premium tile blade, high flow water pump, and aluminum angle jigs.

    Folding stand not included.


    5690 MK-145 Benchtop Tile Saw by MK

    5690 MK-145 Benchtop Tile Saw
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    MK-145 Tile Saw Features

    • High torque 1/2 HP, 4 AMP, 5,500 RPM motor
    • Weighs 12 lbs
    • Dimensions: 17.5″ x 16″ x 7″.
    • Free 4-1/2″ MK-200 diamond blade, adjustable rip guide, 45º rip guide, & table stop
    • Light weight and compact wet cutting tile & marble saw
    • Powerful high-torque universal motor
    • Cuts large size ceramic and stone tiles
    • Will cut tiles up to 1″ thick
    • Built-in 45º miter table
    • Easy alignment precision rip guide
    • 45º rip guide for diagonal cuts
    • MK-Safeswitch™ prevents saw from being operated when locking key is removed
    • Internal cord storage
    • Detachable table stop prevents saw from moving away from operator when in use
    • One-year limited warranty


    42371K MK-370EXP Wet Tile Saw Kit by MK

    42371K MK-370EXP Wet Tile Saw Kit
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    MK-370 EXP Tile Wet Saw Features

  • Free shipping from MK factory warehouse to lower 48 states
  • We will charge applicable sales tax, for a factory direct drop-ship of the MK-370EXP Tile Wet Saw In the state of California
  • Free folding stand, rip guide, & 3 pcs professional cutting package: dressing stone, adjustable protractor angle guide, and 45 degree dual angle protractor
  • 7″ MK-200 blade included.
    • Powerful high-torque universal motor with maintenance-free, self-lubricating pinion and gear-box assembly
    • Tilting head allows for precise 45º miter cuts
    • Variable height cutting head allows for plunge cutting
    • Sliding aluminum die-cast cutting table
    • 3/4″ diameter chrome-plated linear guide-bar system
    • Single piece zinc-plated steel frame for rigidity, strength, and durability
    • Heavy duty on/off switch
    • Built-in water pump receptacle
    • Removable thermoplastic water reservoir
    • MK-Safeswitch™ prevents saw from being operated when locking key is removed
    • One-year limited warranty


    4773 Gemini Taurus 3 Tile Shaper Ring Saw by Gemini

    4773 Gemini Taurus 3 Tile Shaper Ring Saw
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    Gemini Taurus 3 Tile Shaper Ring Saw

    • Light duty ring saw, using the same technology found in the Revolution wet saw.
    • The tool’s cutting blade is a veritable “ring” of stainless steel whose 360 degree surface is completely coated with diamond grit.
    • You can feed a piece of wall tile or glass into the blade from any direction and get a clean, accurate cut.
    • Since the blade cuts so precisely, no further grinding is necessary.
    • It produces finished cuts with intricacies that are impossible with conventional cutters.
    • The tile shaper is portable, as it is easy to lift the motor and saw housing from the basin.
    • Tile Shaper Separating Blade sold separately.

    Taurus 3 Blades

    • All blades cut the same materials: glass, tile, stone, shell, nonferrous metals, hard plastics such as acrylic and lexan, and anything that has a similar density to these materials.
    • All blades use the same belt and grommets. Blades are interchangeable with the same belt and grommets and do not need to be changed unless they are excessively worn.
    • Always let the blade do the cutting. Forcing the blade through the material in a hurry will not only cause a slower cut but can also shorten the blade life. There is an optimum speed for each blade in each material; you can feel it while you are cutting. Sensitivity to this causes extremely long blade life Defined it is that point at which you get maximum cutting speed for minimal pressure.


    3034 MK-660 Wet Tile Saw by MK

    3034 MK-660 Wet Tile Saw
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  • Free shipping from MK factory warehouse
  • Free 7″ diamond blade, rip guide, & submersible water pump
    • Made in the USA
    • Rip cuts 14″ tile. Diagonally cuts 10″ x 10″
    • Ultra-quiet 3/4 HP direct drive DC motor with blade braking system
    • Variable height cutting head allows for plunge cutting and use of blades smaller than 7″ in diameter.
    • Chrome guide-bar and linear-bearing assembly ensure precise alignment and precision cutting
    • Weighs 48 lbs
    • Lightweight aluminum cast components for rigidity and strength
    • One-piece reinforced zinc-plated steel frame with carrying handles
    • Hinged blade guard for easy blade changes and maintenance inspections
    • Removable thermoplastic water reservoir
    • One-year limited warranty